Review: IRIS Scrapbook Organizer Cart

Product: Iris Scrapbook Organizer Cart

Price: $61.99

Dimensions: 13.86″ L x 15.04″ W x 43.31″ H

Cheapest Place to Buy:

My Rating: 8 out of 10

Product Overview:

We all know how important it is to stay organized while making a scrapbook. It is extremely nice when you can stay organized and have mobility. The IRIS Scrapbook Organizer Cart does just that. This 21-shelf cart has casters on the bottom to make it mobile. You can hide it in a closet or pull it into another room allowing you to keep your scrapbook materials close by you while you work.

Each shelf is designed to hold up to a pound of weight and can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. A black, canvas cover is included to protect your materials.

Because you can store a variety of supplies on this cart, there is no end to the organization solutions it can provide you.

I’ve discussed the pros of this cart with you. Now, I feel that I must mention the con. This cart may require time and patience to assemble. It is held together by S clips which take time to put together.

Versatility is Paramount in Organization

When purchasing organization items, you want to get the biggest bang for your buck. The best way to do this is to buy items that can be used for multiple purposes. This will keep you from having to dispose of or store it once the item has met its purpose.

The IRIS Scrapbook Organizer Cart is versatile. You can store paper, cardstock, scrapbook albums, or storage containers with unfinished projects, embellishments, scrapbook tools, stamping materials and the list goes on. You will always have a use for this cart with adjustable shelving.

Bonus: Cover

A black cover is included when you buy the IRIS Scrapbook Organizer Cart. This black cover is made of canvas for durability. Using the cover that comes with this cart will prevent your paper, cardstock or whatever you are storing from getting dusty or dirty. In addition, it will also prevent fading or sun damage because the sun is totally blocked from ever reaching your scrapbook materials while the cover is over the cart.

Space Saver

The base of the IRIS Scrapbook Organizer Cart measures 13.86” x 15.04”. With such a small base, this cart saves a lot of room. Put in a small corner or a closet until it is needed. Then, roll it to your work area. What could you do with all the extra space?

Final Words

The IRIS Scrapbook Organizer Cart may require time and patience to assemble, but is worth it for all the positive aspects it has to offer.

  • It has 21 shelves which provide a lot of storage capacity.
  • It is versatile because you can store virtually anything on it.
  • Each shelf holds up to a pound of weight.
  • Shelves are adjustable.
  • The casters offer plenty of mobility.
  • The included cover prevents dust, fading or sun damage.
  • It does not require much space to store.

I hope that you enjoyed this review. If you have any questions or comments about the IRIS Scrapbook Organizer Cart leave a comment below.

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