A Little Help with Halloween Scrapbook Page Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner which means candy, parties, costumes, imagination, creativity, family, fun and Halloween themed layouts. How exciting!

When scrapbooking for the holiday, the theme doesn’t always have to be the traditional dark, spooky theme commonly used with Halloween. Your layouts can be fun and colorful, highlight the costumes, or celebrate autumn.

In this post, I will give you some different Halloween scrapbook page ideas to help you find the perfect layout for each of your Halloween pictures.

Just the Layout You Need

If you do not have Halloween themed items in your scrapbook stash, do not worry. You can use neutral products for your layout. Orange and black scream Halloween. Pair it with purple, yellow or green and add your Halloween pictures and journal entries for a layout that is just what the holiday calls for.

Do you have a limited supply of Halloween supplies? No worries. Here are two ways to stretch them further.

  • Use a Halloween themed paper as the background/base. Then, use your neutral items to build on top of the base.
  • This also works in reverse. Use a neutral background and a few Halloween-themed embellishments to make the page Halloween specific.

Using bright, fun colors will always lighten the mood of the theme.

Every scrapbook enthusiast has scrap paper/cardstock. A good way to use your scrap supplies is to make a mosaic layout. This can be done with a lot of small square shaped pieces or a few larger shaped pieces. If using smaller pieces of paper, you can frame the picture with a Halloween inspired shape such as a pumpkin all surrounded with background pieces.

Play on words to make your layout more interesting. Choose a common phrase that makes sense with the pictures to build your title around.

Emphasize the costume in your layout.

  • Use colors based on the costume characters in the pictures and Halloween themed embellishments.
  • Make the entire page about the costume (both theme and color) and add journal entries about Halloween.

Speaking of costumes, a good way to display more than one costume on the same page is to use a two-column design. Split the page in half and display a different costume on each side.

If you have several photos of the same costume, you can feature them all on the same page with smaller embellishments. This will allow the pictures to steal the show.

Making a photo strip montage is another way to showcase multiple pictures on the same page. All your title and journal entries above and/or below the pictures. Presto! You have a great layout.

Another way to display multiple pictures is to create a timeline layout. Put the pictures in chronological order in a line and add journal entries to make it appear as a timeline.

Premade layout collections can be picked up pretty inexpensively at garage sales, flea markets and similar places. Many times, the set will not be complete. Use these collections with die cuts you make yourself to make the collection layout your own.

Make a big shape the focal point of your page such as a moon or a pumpkin. This add a nice dramatic effect to the page.

You can also shape pictures to fit the theme of your page. For example, cut your pictures in pumpkin shapes for a pumpkin patch theme.

The Halloween holiday does come during the autumn. So, why not use an autumn theme to display your pictures. This works especially well when the costumes fit in with the autumn theme like animals, pumpkins, or sports.

A how-to page is a great way to something extra to your album. This works well with traditions such as carving a pumpkin. Use your pumpkin carving photos to create a how to carve a pumpkin page.

A less traditional way to scrapbook is to use a photo pocket page. This will allow you to display multiple pictures when you have less time to invest in the layout.

Topics to Include in Your Layouts

The obvious topic to add to your scrapbook pages is the costumes, but there are other things to add that will add a lot of value in memories to your layouts.

First of all, do not forget to include your extended family, pets. Why go through the trouble of dressing up your pet if you don’t plan on remembering your little buddy with a picture. After all, are not they always there for us when we need them?

Don’t be afraid to use candid shots you have of the holiday. Sometimes, these unexpected pictures catch the best moments because it is real life, not poses.

Does your family have a favorite Halloween treat served every year? Make this a part of your memories by making a layout dedicated to the recipe. You can even add pictures of a loved making the treat.

Having a party? Don’t forget to include the spread in your layouts. After all, is it really a party without food?

Helpful Tips

You can always liven up a white background with accessories such as buttons and brads. They come in a multitude of shapes and colors. This method can give you a more simple, clean look to your layout.

Make your own Halloween embellishments when you can. Die cuts are easy to make. Just draw out the shape you want and cut it out. If you are not an artist, use a template to trace the shapes and cut them out.

Have fun! It is Halloween which is all about fun, family, candy, and costumes.


There are many ways to preserve your Halloween memories. Whether they are in a pumpkin patch or all about costumes and parties, there is a layout to us that will accentuate the moment. You just have to take a little time and be creative.

I hoped you enjoyed this post. I would love to hear from you.

Which of these ideas were most helpful to you? Please share in the comment section below.

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